We are accredited installers of the following products.
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Polyroof Products Ltd

ProTec is a high performance, long lasting, waterproofing solution that combines flexibility with robustness.

RapidCure technology allows for a fast, disruption-free installation. Ideal for all types of flat roofs, balconies, walkways and terraces, 

No joint, no seams, no weld and no weak points! 

  Installer Certificate   ProTec

TOR Coatings Ltd

Elastaseal Z - Flat roof liquid roofing system that is cost effective, odourless, hard wearing and long lasting     Elastaseal Z

Unicover - Pitched roof liquid system for commercial gutters, walls, external cladding and tackling cut edge corrosion     Unicover

Elastadeck - Complete waterproof system, for balconies, walkways and terraces. Fast curing, low odour in just 2 coats     Elastadeck

   Installer Certificate

Cromar Building Products Ltd

PRO GRP system is cold applied on site, giving a seamless and flexible weatherproof finish that resists water, heat and frost.

It can be applied in small domestic situations right through to large industrial environments.

Cromar have developed this technology further to produce the perfect all weather protection for any flat roof.

Installer Certificate    PRO GRP

Centaur Technologies Ltd

Centech PU is a cold applied liquid roofing system offering many benefits.

When reinforced with Centech GFM glass fibre mat, Centech PU cures to form an incredibly tough polyurethane membrane.

It has been designed to be used on a wide range of roofs for both existing and new build work. 

Installer Certificate   Centech PU