Cut-Edge Corrosion, Full Overspray Commercial Unit


completed for:

Commercial Customer, York

on the 29 September 2022

Cut-Edge corrosion treatment and full overspray on a commercial unit in York.
The roof area was fully washed, prepared and primed in accordance with TOR Coatings Ltd specification to remove all lose paint and debris.
All skylights were replaced with new translucent skylights in the same day to minimise water ingress.
We used TOR Unicover Ultra S and TOR Edge protection for this project, the product is also available in most RAL colours.
The works come complete with a 15-year guarantee, a full TOR Coatings Ltd specification and was complete on time with minimal disruption to the business below.
Timely treatment of cut edge corrosion will extend the life span of your cladding and can also prevent any possible or future leaks. 
For any cut edge corrosion treatment works please contact our commercial director on the number below, we offer free sits visits, specifications and quotations.
Callam Eyre - 07908 773213

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Cut-Edge Corrosion, Full Overspray Commercial Unit->title Before Cut-Edge Corrosion, Full Overspray Commercial Unit->title After